The WORKOUT: Practice Building Made Simple.

A Group Coaching Approach for Clinical Social Workers 
(Starting July 2005)

Are you frustrated by all the provider panels?  Would you like to end your dependency on them and start building the practice that you always wanted?  Then keep reading.

You figured out that business isn't about hard work.  If it was just hard work you've put in your fair share of the hours, haven'tyou.  You've put in your time seeing clients, writing reports, getting supervision and countless other things that make you a great clinical socialworker.  But you would love to build a practice that isn't so much extra work and is exactly what you always envisioned when you became a clinical socialworker.  It might be the case that you don't know how to marketing yourself in a way that creates excitement.

Then again, maybe you are busy marketing your services, but your not seeing the results of all your work. Maybe your looking for a way to brainstorm or get feedback aboutyour materials.  Maybe you haven't found the structure that pushes you to the next level.

Tiger Woods has that drive.  Why don't you?  Tiger is extremely talented, but then again so are you.  Tiger uses trainers, coaches and mentors you?  Danica Patrick, the only woman to race in the Indianapolis 500 in 2005, has an entireteam that assists her throughout the race so that she can do what she does best...race the car.  So, why don't you have someone to help you?  Someone who can clearly help you identifyyour barriers and help transform them.  Someone that can help you find clarity in your life and work.  Someone who can help you save more money,and find more time to take the vacations you deserve.

Presenting the WORKOUT!    
This is a simple, yet sophisticatedmethod to do the following:

1.  You will get very clear on where you are going with your business and what you want to accomplish with your marketing.  You will develop a clear marketing strategy that will allow you to be extremely successful.

2.  You will nail down your marketing message so that it expresses clearly and concisely what you do.  You will learn how to cut through the clutter, the noise, and finally get attention at a whole new level.

3.  You will improve your marketing materials so that they communicate your message.  Your website, brochure, presentations, or even your marketing pitch...developing materials that have a very specific impact: clients search out your name before they even look through their insurance information.  Your message to potential clients creates credibility in their minds.  How would you like to have clients seeking you and paying your fees even if you don't take their insurance.

4.  You will implement a system of activities that will help grow your business in new ways.  The core of any business success is having a system in place that allows you to do your work while still generating new clients.

5.  You will develop confidence, break through any type of resistance and fears about marketing your practice and start to see marketing as the creative side of the business and one that you can do successfully.  You love to see confidence in your clients.  You know how that can create momentum.  It's time for you to build some confidence in yourself and the directions you want to go in life.

How does the WORKOUT system work?

The WORKOUT! system is based  on the concept of group coaching.  It's asystem where I take you through specific marketing concepts and you learn how toimplement them.  As you already know, group works better because you get towork with like-minded professionals. 

The WORKOUT! is a series of 10 training sessionsthat are delivered via the phone over a period of 5-months.  The group sizewill limited to up to 15 individuals, to ensure everyone gets time toparticipate and ask questions.

The program consists of ninety-minute groupcoaching sessions.  You call into a bridge line from anywhere in theworld.  You will learn new material for the first 60 minutes, and thenthere will be time to ask questions based on the information presented.  Ineach session, you will share with members of the group how you are doing on aspecific task.  In addition, you will receive homework and assignments andyou will make promises on what you will work on between sessions.  In otherwords...this is how we will hold you accountable.

In addition, you will have access to me. You will be free to email me or call me with questions about how to marketyour business. 

The truth is that we all need somecoaching.  We need the feedback of others to make sure we are going in theright direction.  It is incredibly difficult to try to figure this stuffout all alone, so why would you want to do it alone.

What makes me an expert?
I am also a clinical social worker, marriage and familytherapist, and alcohol and drug counselor.  I have a great deal ofexperience getting on provider panels and waiting for referrals from thosesame panels.  I know what it's like to seereimbursement rates go down.  My goal was to put myself in a position tohave more clients seeking me out.  My goal was to have my schedule filled to apoint that I needed to refer clients to someone else.  My goal was to finda system and stick to it.  Unfortunately, Graduate School didn't teach mehow to be successful in private practice, so I learned from trial anderror.  I've learned simple concepts that most clinical social workers areunaware of and don't know where to find.  I've done the research so youdon't have to.

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay.

1.  The biggest reason is that if you miss thiscycle, there won't be another one until January 2006.  I only take 12-15 clientsfor this program.  This one will not be done liveagain for the rest of the year. will not add new tools andtechniques to build up your practice. 

2.  It is cheaper than hiring a marketingconsultant to work 1:1 with you.  You get the benefit of asking as manyquestions as you would like, get responses from me and sometimes from yourgroup, and you can do this for less than what most coaches would chargeyou.  There are no hidden costs.  What you see here is what a whole lot more.

3.  There is a guarantee...with conditions.  I've developed a monthly payment system to help you monitor your monthly cash flow.  You will pay at the beginning of each month, so you can stop at anytime and you will not be charged any additional amounts.  All I need to have is an email from you confirming your decision to leave the program.  But, why would you want to leave.  You will get great information, audio recordings of each training session, and anything else I can provide. 

What is the condition.  Simple.  Youhave to do all of your assignments.  These are assignments to help youfurther your own they are important.  You joined the programto have successes...but that only happens if you apply the principles.  Theassignments are a way to measure your involvement and determine your success.

The Complete Details for the WORKOUT (STARTINGJULY 2005)

How many sessions do I get for my money?  
The WORKOUT will extend over five months, meeting on Wednesdays from 12-1:30 pmCentral Time.  The schedule at this point is as follows:

July: 13, 27 
August: 10, 24
September: 7, 21
October: 5, 19
November: 2, 16

What will be covered in the program? 
Some of the topics that we will cover are developing clear goals, developingyour message, creating a marketing plan, defining your written marketingmessage, developing a specific marketing voice, lead generation, promotion andpublic relations, gaining momentum and developing a marketing system..  Other topics will be added based on the experiences and directionof the group.

What happens if I can't attend for some reason? 
The WORKOUT! is teleconference based, but you will still receive a recording ofeach session.  And...on occasion you will receive written materials. NOW, there may be some days where you just can't make it.  You are allowedto miss a maximum of three sessions out of ten.  I still expect to have youat each session.  It is important for you to make a commitment to the othermembers and most importantly to your own business growth.

What does it cost?  
The cost is $1500 (US) payable in four installments of $375 each.
  Toregister, you must first fill in the form below.  Further directions willbe sent to you.   Theother payments will then be due the first week in August, September, andOctober.  You will receive a reminder by email at the beginning of eachmonth.

Not everyone will be accepted into the WORKOUT!  Please fill out the form below and you will be sent an email withadditional questions.  Please send  back the reply immediately.  I amlooking to add individuals who are genuinely interesting in growing theirpractice.  So, simply fill out this form and watch for the next email.


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Don't take too long.  The seats alwaysfill up fast.

I look forward to helping you through the WORKOUT!

Michael Bauer, MSW, LCSW

P.S.  Remember that the fees have beenkept affordable for all clinical social workers.  Please make sure to getinvolved today.  There are many things that make individuals successful andone of those characteristics is to know when a good thing will help them grow asa person and as a professional.  Are you ready to take your business to a new level?  Areyou ready to be the clinical social worker that everyone wants to work with?

Still not sure...then give me a call and I cananswer your questions.  My office number is (262) 853-7716.


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