How Do Teleseminars Work?

The simple answer is "just enroll in the class." THAT IS ALL IT TAKES.

Most people have been involved with conference calls. teleseminars are similar except that they are conducted over a "telephonebridge line."  All you need to do is call the telephone number to thebridge line and join in on the call.  We will email a confirmation,directions, and the telephone bridge line.

Did you know that you can call from anywhere in the world? You will not be charged for being on the bridge line, but you will beresponsible for any long distance charges.

We also have two types ofteleseminars. Some are designed to meet multiple times over a selectperiod of time.  We only allow a limited number of participants into ourteleseminarseries so that we can concentrate on providing the best directions andsolutions.  

Our "free teleseminars" are focused on aspecific topic or a series of topics.  These teleseminars have largerenrollments and can be as high as 60 participants.

The length and time of eachteleseminar varies,so pay close attention to the description page and any email announcements.

We promise that each teleseminar will be highly interactive, notjust a one way discussion.  We want you to walk away with some great ideasthat you can implement in your business right away. We want you to besuccessful.

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