Teleseminars for Leadership and Business Development


Obstacles are those frightful things that you see when you take your eyes of your goals.
-Author Unknown

Well, maybe a million dollars is too much!  Maybe it will cost you even more than a million dollars.  So, what is this one mistake that could have such a profound impact on your didn't attend one of our FREE teleseminars.

I know what your thinking!  How can I lose a million dollars by not attending a free teleseminar?  It is very simple!  The free teleseminar, held roughly once per month, is designed for you, the professional who is looking for new ideas that will help your business grow.   You might think of our teleseminars as "instant and timely education" by telephone.  I will interview experts in the areas of marketing, public relations, incentive programs, and other areas that could impact your business.  

This is free consulting, but there will be a limited number of people that can attend.  You want to sign up early because you don't want to miss any of these teleseminars.   I also offer a specialized series of teleseminars (for a fee) throughout the year.  

So, now you are asking "how do I find out more information about the next free teleseminar."  There is only one way.  Only subscribers to our newsletter will get the information about the next teleseminar.  The next step is yours.

I look forward to hearing you at our next teleseminar.

Michael T. Bauer

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