TeamIBR - Another way to grow your business!

Want to Grow Your Business While Watching YourFavorite Movie!!!

Are you a small business owner?  Do you wantto make additional income without spending your own money?  If that is thecase, then you need to join our team and increase your income.  But let mewarn you now...the team is only open to 8 members.

Many businesses on the internet offer affiliateprograms in which you can help to sell their products and receive a percentageof the sale.  We're no different here, except our affiliate program isn'tready yet and we don't have a full library of products (but we're working onthat too!!!)

But You Can Be Part of TeamIBR.

What is TeamIBR?  What I am looking for is for is 8 "teammembers" who want to add more income to their business without having to doa lot of the "heavy-lifting."  All I'm looking for is one solidreferral per month from each member of the group.  One solid referral thatputs me in front of a "potential" client.  And if that referralbecomes a client...then your business has just earned a paycheck.

I will provide you with enough information tomake it simple to refer me to a friend, a colleague, or to another businessowner.

But how much am I offering?  I'm offeringyou between 10 - 20% of the gross amount of the contract.  Let me just say that 20%of a big contract can bring you a nice paycheck.  With limited effort youcould find yourself making money with very little effort.

And there will be other benefits for those of youthat remain on the team.

When I make money, so will you.

Interested.  Then you need to contactme today.