Team Development: Critical for Every Organization

Team development remains one of the most difficult, yet critical challenges for any organization.  Every organization is faced with challenging decisions, difficult goals, and consistently changing business  situations.  

Why Is Team Development So Important?

It starts with the basic premise, based on years of research and supportive information, that high performance organizations are comprised of high-performance teams. Organizations that are looking to enhance their services and increase profits understand that team building is a critical linkage to success. We all know that there is continuous pressures to complete projects faster, better, and often times cheaper. 

A structured team development initiative provides the opportunity for teams to challenge and resolve irrational beliefs, provide support to one another, meet new and exciting goals, and ultimately to celebrate the successes of the team and of the organization.

"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea,
Never regains its original dimensions."
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Take a few minutes and examine what is required to be a great organization, and you will realize that the increase performance is really a result of very strong teams working together toward a common vision. Organizations are so busy that one or two individuals or even a small functional unit often times cannot do all of the work. 

The Struggle with Team Development

Exceptional teamwork is very difficult to accomplish.  It takes a great deal of effort and time.

The reality is this - Unless organizations periodically take a "time-out" to take a clear look at how teams are functioning, they may find some unfortunate results:

  • Communications and relationships breakdown.

  • Trust is questioned

  • Motivation can be limited

  • Productivity can decrease

  • The culture can turn negative

  • The team can lose site of its mission, vision and objectives.