Our Methods for Developing a Succession Plan

SuccessionPlanning Objectives

  • Inventory key managerial candidates in terms of their leadership styles, skills, gaps in skills and ultimate potential.

  • Design an advancement plan for each candidate and incorporate it into their performance management process.

Analyze Top Jobs, Future Jobs, and CriticalSuccess Factors

  • Review current job descriptions and identify and changes that are required.

  • Integrate key leadership competencies with the job description.

  • Build a job profile:  How critical is each success factor and how proficient must the job holder be in each factor?

Interviewand Test the Candidates

  • Test for key predictors of future success

  • Testfor vocational interest and preferences, likes and dislikes, and areas of motivation.

  • Collect 360° data on Leadership skills and styles.
  • Develop reports for candidate and management that detail strengths, gaps, andpotential.

Feedback Meetings with Candidate and Manager

  • Debrief each candidate on their report, focusing on strengths,gaps, and potential.
  • Have each candidate design a development and advancement plandraft to present to their own manager for collaborative refinement andfinalization.

  • Debrief manager onoverall findings.

  • Discuss key issues:  strengths,gaps, development needs, potential/capacity, and options/opportunities for thefuture for each candidate.

  • Prepare candidate’s boss for collaborative meeting with thecandidate re:  development and advancement plan.

FacilitateAdvancement Plan Meeting

  • Convenemeeting with candidate, consultant, and manager to reach consensus on theindividual’s plan.

  • Ensure that plan is fully linked with business’ on-going strategic plan.

  • Identify high-impact development opportunities for each candidate

  • Set in motion a mechanism by which advancement plan is integrated intoperformance management process and audited on a regular basis.
  • Build in feedback loop to ensure that advancement plan is updatedand fine-tuned on a real-time basis.

Exploit The Best Practices In Succession Planning

  • Link the succession planning and leadership development initiatives directly to the business strategy

  • Focus on performance development and results

  • Provide candidates with diagnostic feedback and then encourageself-development

  • Define a clear role and responsibilities for the candidate's manager

  • Finally, risk placing talented people in jobs or tasks for which they arenot fully qualified; those fully qualified for an opportunity are leastlikely to develop in it.

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