Successful Team Building Factors

Successful team building methods have been used for many years to bring individualstogether so that they could motivate each other to achievingtheir goals.  We look at team development as an extended process thatincludes assessing and diagnosing the team, facilitating workshops that provideadditional training, enhancing leadership on the team through coaching, andhelping team members remain accountable to each other and to theorganization.  If team development is a process, then team building isabout developing specific skills within the team through a variety of trainingactivities.  Here are some additional thoughts about team building:

Team building doesn't have to take up a significant amount oftime.  
Successful team building programs may only be one or twodays in length.  These "workshops" usually focus on skillbuilding in the areas of managing conflict, respecting diversity, defining rolesand expectations, setting clear goals, making effective decisions, anddeveloping an open leadership model that promotes a positive atmosphere.  Team building is only a part of our Team Development Model. 

Team building will be beneficial to a team if it is designed to achievespecific performance results.
Team building can be successful,but it needs to have a specific, achievable goal.  Team building must focuson developing workshops that meet the need of the team.  Ropes courses andoutdoor activities can be a great deal of fun, but are only as successful whenthe entire team endorses them.    

The Executive Team must be committed to the team building process.  
Teams must feel that the results of team building will be respectedand endorsed by the leadership of the organization.  Team building programsthat lack support from above are less effective because team members believethat they cannot  implement new ideas and thoughts.  This is truefor the entire team development process.

The team leader and members must commit to the team building process.  
It is important that every member on the team commit to the teambuilding training/activities and to the overall development of the team.

Team building is most effective when lead by an external expert, rather thana team leader.  
While there are many very effective team leadersthat can provide the training and coaching necessary to help their team moveforward, we believe that an outside expert in team building can bring inexperience and objectivity to the team development process. 

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