Keynote Speeches, Presentations, and Workshops

That’s what Michael Bauer will bring to your audience...Because It's More ThanJust A Speech

Like everything else I do, I will work hard to customize everyspeech, keynote, presentation, and workshop to fit the needs ofyour audience.  My focus is onproviding your audience with something more...specific, targeted examples foryour industry or organization.

It's my belief that I will add more long-term value to your audience byfirst understanding your business, your culture, and your needs.  I do myhomework before every speech by talking to representatives of yourorganization, your business, and your field of work.  My goal is to alwaysprovide the audience with practical, useful information that they will rememberlong after the speech is over.  

I will deliver results that will createexcitement and improvement within your organization.

But my work isn't completed until you aresatisfied.  There are other ways to continue to build upon the success of a keynotepresentation.  

Please contactme today to find out if I am the best fit for your audience - and if not Iwill gladly referral you to another speaker who will fit your needs.

The current list of keynote topics is being updated.  Please call formore information.

Interested in specific speech or topic not listed here?I can develop a keynote just for your organization or group. Click HERE to request more information.