Corporate and Business Retreats

Do You Want Your Business To Advance Or Just Retreat Backwards?

Do You Cringe When You Hear It's Time For Another Retreat.

Too many retreats end up being a waste of time, resources, and energy. You only have to experience a poorly organized, poorly facilitatedcorporate retreat to find yourself unmotivated the next time someone wants to have aone. I'vesat through many team building retreats that were more like television reruns. Nothing new offered, not much effort to probe further, no attempt to move to a deeperdiscussion, not exciting, and not challenging.  

A Great Retreat Is A Powerful Method To Bring Ideas Together

Great retreats provide an opportunity where people are released from their dailygrind of work so they can think in new and creative ways. Great businessretreats allow people the time to thoroughly explore their organization's issues and developstrategies to implement changes. Great retreats provide opportunities to testout your ideas and see what may or may not work.  Ultimately, great retreats are an outstanding investment in yourpeople.

A Great Retreat Is An Experience That You Remember LongAfter You Return To The Office. 

I don't know whether you are planning a leadership retreat, a team building retreat, or one for strategic planning. Some retreats work best with uninterrupted time, and others need to be confidential in nature. You may want your retreat to include a significant change in environment or have access to different types of activities. Whatever it is, you should spend time finding out how you can accomplish yourgoals. 

A Great Facilitator Can Bring Out The Creative EnergyIn Everyone.

I have one goal and that is to provide you with the very best experience...a retreat that achieves your goals and is rememberedlong after you return to work. I will provide the guidance and experiences that creates opportunities for discussion and decision making. Some of the methods I use will appear familiar, but most ofthe methods will be new to you. I want to challenge your thinking.  I wantto open new dialog.  I want you to have fun while working.  I don'twant to do what is expected, but rather design something that is specific toyour needs.

This WILL NOT be your typical retreat.  Ieven prefer to call them ADVANCES because you want your group to move forward.

Do You Want YourBusiness To Advance or Just Retreat Backwards?

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