Professional Service Firms: Consulting Solutions to Help You Grow

"What a professional firm sellsis not time, but skill, talent, knowledge, and ability. A strategy forincreasing its inventory of these assets is critical if it is to flourish. Yetone has to look hard to find the measurement and reward system that focuses theattention of key professionals on asset-building (rather than income statement)activities. That is, most compensation schemes for partners stress incomestatement measures: revenues, workload, profits. Few recognize or encourageinvestment in asset-building activities such as development of newmethodologies, transfer of skills, etc."
—David H. Maister

We are passionate about our workwith professional service firms.  These firms include accounting, law,engineering, architectural, and marketing and communication firms.  We usespecially designed tools for professional service firms.  From meetingfacilitation, to strategic planning initiatives, to leadership development andorganizational development we help our client's achieve success through avariety services we offer.  These include:

Meeting Facilitation

Pre-Hire Evaluations

Succession Planning

Leadership Development and Coaching

Organizational Development

Business Strategic Sessions

Team Development

Strategic Planning

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