Pre-Hire Assessments

Why aren't you using consistent assessment and in-depth interviewing to ensure that that you hire the best candidate for the position and for the culture of your organization.  Consider these the benefits:

  • It’s objective, cost-effective, legal, and it works.

  • Candidates are uniformly impressed that the organization takes its mission so seriously that it uses such a systematic and thorough approach to the acquisition of human resources.

  • Testing significantly reduces turnover and the high costs associated with it.

  • When the best-fit applicants are hired, they settle into the new position more quickly and travel the learning curve faster.

  • The hiring evaluation report becomes a working document for the individual and their manager.  With the evaluation report in hand, the manager has a much clearer understanding of how to motivate, develop, and coach the new hire.

  • When correctly matched to a job, individuals perform for the satisfaction of mastery and achievement.

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