Our Consulting Philosophy

Integrity - You get what you see.  Nothing fake or phony, just honest, ethical, committed work.  I plan to remain small so that I can continue to provide an individualized, hands on approach.

Comprehensiveness- I believe that a solid comprehensive process, which takes into consideration all organizational factors, is required to help companies meet the demands of a complex business environment.  I believe that organizations are looking for significant and long lasting change.  These same organizations often times utilize short-term initiatives that rarely lead to long term change.

Collaboration- It is my experience that the key stakeholders need to be actively involved in any change initiative.  It is clear that they need to provide the support and encouragement to the rest of the organization.  I make a priority to seek out all of the individuals who are being asked to change, educate them on the process of change, and build up their motivation to be active in the initiative.  In addition, I see my role as being a partner to the organizational leaders and internal experts.

Creativity, Innovation, Transformation- I strongly believe that organizations need to invest in developing creativity and innovation.  However, I seldom see it take place in the business development process.  I work to understand the creative preferences of an organization and help that organization enhance the creative abilities in their leaders, their teams, and within their culture.  

Continuous Learning- All of our initiatives are "client-friendly."  I believe that it is important to provide information that is clear and explicit.  I want the organization to learn as much as I do about leadership development, team development, hiring, and other areas of expertise.  I will share my tools, so that the company can continue to build on any initiatives on their own.

Confidentiality- My focus is to provide a professional relationship.  I practice total client confidentiality, and therefore you will not see a list of clients on this website.  You may find testimonials from individuals that attended my presentations, read my newsletter, or purchased a written product from me.  I will highlight a number of case histories to provide a sense of how I work with my clients.