Organizational Development is a Key to Remaining Competitive.


Imagine your own organization! How often have you tried to implement new performance procedures only to findsome type of barrier in the way? How often have you wanted to develop a highly successful team, only to find that there was resistance from the team members?How often have you wanted to develop a culture and climate that was innovativeand creative, only to find that negativity existed?

It's not a secret to anyone that organizational development is an on-goingprocess with most businesses.  Over the last 10 years or so, virtuallyevery working individual and organization  has been impacted by constantand relentless pressures. All you have to do is open your local newspaper and see it in action. Organizations of all types and sizes areexperiencing rapid changes at  unprecedented rates. Technology alone seemsto be constantly changing.  All these changes impact  the culture andcreativity of the organization.  Successful organizational developmentinitiatives increase the likelihood that the business will continue to becompetitive.

Forward thinking organizations arelooking beyond the traditional benchmarks of success such as increased sales,and are redirecting their energies toward understanding a new set of businessdrivers such as corporate culture, motivation, intellectual capital, knowledgedevelopment, and leadership development. Successful organizations realize thatthe key to achieving real competitive advantage in these difficult times ispartially technology, but mostly human performance.


Unfortunately, organizationaldevelopment and change is less cognitively complex as it is psychologicallycomplex. We know that there are numerous factors that lead to successfuloutcomes and most of them are psychological.  These include motivation,trust, commitment, attitude, values, character, and self-discipline. Commonsense would indicate that most obstacles that block change are alsopsychological in origin. These would include resistance to change, conflictaversion, impatience, and over control.

The fact is that transforming a human system - an organization - is acomplicated undertaking.  If it is done correctly, organizationaldevelopment involves methods such as inspiring people to be creative, gettingthem "fired-up" and believing in themselves and one another,discovering and resolving non-rational behaviors, transforming cultures intocenters of  innovation, and "walking your talk" about mission,vision, values, and strategy. In the end, achieving a sustainable competitiveadvantage occurs only by understanding and taking control of your culture. Organizationaldevelopment is a key to remaining competitive.

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