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President and Chief Creative Officer, Innovative Business Resources, LLC
Principal, the GlobalConsulting Partnership

Integrity is when what you say, whatyou do, what you think,
and who you are all come from the same places.
-Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

I have been helping people find solutions to their problemsfor most of my working life.  I have over 15 years ofexperience working in a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit organizationsin roles ranging from staff psychotherapist to technical college instructor todirector of behavioral health services at a large not-for-profit organization. I have been involved in cutting edge research and program developmentspecifically in the areas of enhancing motivation and behavioral change, sexualharassment, and domestic and workplace violence. I have trained and consulted with corporate executives, middle managers, frontline staff and union and non-union employees. I have also provided coaching/trainingto regional managers, project managers, engineers, and other technical andservice professionals.  I amtrained to listen, to problem solve, and to help individuals and organizationsestablish and build upon their goals.  

I am always working to stretch my understanding ofthe world.  For instance, I read at least one new business-related bookevery month.  Lately my focus has been oncreativity and innovation in the workplace. In addition, I have been teachingcollege courses for the past 10 years.  Teaching adult students has pushedme to better understand and implement adult learning methods when I am coachingindividuals and consulting with organizations.  

I have always lived my life with the primary value ofintegrity.  In very simple terms, what you see is what you get.  You will not see someone bigger than life, but rather you willfind that I am a person that can easily engage with anyone in anybusiness.  I believe in and follow the core values that make up mybusiness.

Ionce thought about becoming a physician, but decided I enjoyed talking andlearning from people more than operating on them.  

If you want the best for your people, then you owe it to them to contact metoday.

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