Key Objectives for Leadership Development Programs

Key Objectives for The Organization

Organizations must achieve certain objectives in order for Leadership Development  programs to be successful.  Some of these objectives are:

  • Identifying pockets of talent throughout an organization and directing them through career development and succession planning programs.

  • Grooming individuals that show high potential

  • Assist employees in developing and increasing their self-awareness so that they have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Create leaders and encourage individual autonomy at increasingly lower levels within the company.

  • Train managers to be highly successful and creative mentors and coaches.

  • Integrate the overall approaches to management development with other human resource strategies such as performance management, career development, and recruitment strategies.

Key Objectives for The Individual

Individuals must also achieve certain benchmarks in order for Leadership Development programs to be successful.  Some objectives are:

  • Be more proactive about self-development

  • Take more control of one's career 

  • Pursue self-development because it is important and use it as a motivational tool for goal achievement.

  • Participate in an active career development partnership with one's employer.

  • "Retool" yourself for the current workplace: enhance your ability to manage change, take risks, collaborate, build partnerships and teams, and so forth.

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