Leadership Development: The Primary Building Block of Any Successful Organization.

Leadership development is not as simple as reading the newest book on leadership.  We understand that there very few "naturally born leaders."  Truth be told, there are so very few to really depend on.  Therefore, leadership skills must be taught and transferred throughout an organization. 

Today's organizations are aware that the primary challenge facing them is mastering the "miles upon miles of risky white rapids" (that is on-going change) in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. One of the primary keys to this challenge is developing creative and innovative executives, managers, supervisors, and leaders.

One of the most significant changes in understanding leadership development is the move from a heroic model of management, which was focused on a command-and-control style,  to the leader-as-developer model, which focuses on coaching and staff empowerment.   This new manager can be found counseling and coaching team members through a process that includes self-assessment, goal setting, self-development and ultimately self-management. This is a new leadership model, unlike the old "I'm-the-leader-so-follow-me" model of the past. 

"The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been."
-Henry Kissinger

Now is a great time to focus on leadership development.   In the past, leadership development emphasized  "training" people for advancement. This approach has changed as new executive development programs have started to focus on other key objectives.

So, how does one realize the potential of these new changes - the leader-as-developer and the broad impact of new development experiences. There is only one way! Integrate them into your day-to-day business.

We realize that leadership development is more likely to be successful when the behavioral change process has an experiential component that is directly linked to key leaders in the person's work day. Leaders will also need some help to adapt to their new roles as coaches, advisors, consultants, and change agents to the "apprentice." 

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