Our Executive Coaching Program



To start the executive coaching process, we conduct a series of life-career interviews with the coaching candidate.  The interview examines issues such as personal and work history, interpersonal experiences, attitudes, values, and interests, and aspirations.

In addition, we assess the coaching candidate using an array of business-based psychological inventories and 360° tools, most of which are computer analyzed and delivered over the internet.

Finally, we integrate performance management data into the assessment. We examine yearly evaluations and all other materials that the organization used to evaluate the coaching candidate.


We start out by delivering an in-depth, confidential debriefing of all assessment findings. We work with the candidate to identify the candidate’s key strengths and areas in need of development, as they relate to personal aspirations and to the organization's business strategies.  We will clarify inner motivators for change and inner resistances to it.  We will look for means to increase success.  Ultimately, we want to harness the motivators and neutralize the resistances.

We will take all the information gathered through these different means and summarize the findings into our Blueprint For Action.  


We help the coaching candidate recognize and reciprocate with those who gave feedback to the candidate.  It is extremely important that the candidate understand that the feedback was provided to help the candidate improve their leadership abilities.  In addition, we will debrief the coaching candidate’s manager and involve him/her in refining the Blueprint for Action.

The coaching candidate will then begin action "experiments" during real-time, day-to-day work life, then debrief and further refine those experiences.  We will utilize high impact behavioral change techniques to increase the likelihood of success.

Finally, we will measure progress against plan by designing simple and practical feedback loops into the work routine.


We understand that by developing effective monitoring and evaluation tools, the coaching candidate can regularly reflect on the progress and then modify the Blueprint for Action to better reflect the new goals for the coaching candidate.

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