Developing Teams: A Comprehensive Approach


Our approach to developing teams is both comprehensive and tailored to thechallenges of the work group and the organization .  Our methods arefocused on building a team that works collaboratively to achieve itsgoals.  Some of the tasks include:

Facilitating a meeting with the primary stakeholders to determine issues andchallenges they are facing, identify information about the formation of the teamand the team members, and to examine and understand the overall organizationalgoals.  It is extremely important to have the leadership of theorganization full engaged in the team development process or there will belimited success.

Conduct confidential interviews with all team members and others in theorganization as needed.

Conduct internet-based surveys that examine theorganizational culture and effectiveness.

Identify main themes that are highlighted in both the interviews and thesurvey tools.  

Debrief the team leaders, organizational leaders, and allindividuals involved in the interviews and surveys.

Design a team development initiative that may include teambuilding activities that are experiential-based and provide the opportunity tolearn a variety of skills.  

Provide leadership development coaching to team leaders and otherswithin the organization to help improve the ability to lead the team despitedifferences in opinion, personality issues, and other types of interpersonalconflict.

Conduct regular follow-up sessions to review progress, examineresults, and refine goals.

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