The Leadership Landscape Has Undergone a Sea of Change

Executive coaching has become a highly valued resource with in the corporate world to cope with the frequently changing leadership and management landscape.  This is due to a chaotic and transformational business environment.

In the past, leadership skills and styles were molded from a very heroic military model which prized itself on planning, delegating, coordinating, and motivating.  

Leadership During the Industrial Age                    

  • Pleases superiors                

  • Command-and-Control Leadership Style

  • Stable

  • Conforming

  • On a Need-To-Know Basis

Leadership During the Information Age

  • Delights Customers

  • Empowering and Participatory

  • Agile

  • Outside-The-Box Thinking and Action

  • Open and Transparent

The Information Age has pushed businesses to further develop high-impact leadership styles and competencies.  These competencies can be placed in the following categories:

The Explorer:  This leader forges a vision and is an agent of change

The Beacon: This leader instills trust and inspires commitment to the vision

The Advocate: This leader is probably the loudest, clearest voice in support of visionary, strategic,  and values-based behaviors.

The Facilitator:  This leader creates and molds a teaming work style within the culture.

The Partner:  This leader tends to encourage supportive and collaborative work style.

The Coach: This leader tends to bring out the best in the organization's people, in terms of their aspirations and potential performance.

Now, this set of six leadership roles, when used, can create powerful leverage for the executive, manager, professional, or leader. 

Do you know how you rate on each of the six categories?

Do you know how to improve your abilities in each area?

Well,  just as we see in sports and the performing arts, it is increasingly becoming the case that in business the more successful you are, the more likely it is that you will use a coach to deepen and truly extend your success.  Contact Us today and become more successful and satisfied in your career.