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Please take a few minutes to complete our short organizational assessment. It covers important business issues such as leadership, succession planning,team building, and business strategy.  Please fill in all of therequired  information at the bottom of the pageand we will email you our FREE personalized organizational profile.

Organizational Assessment

Do you have a clear, measurable plan and structure to fulfill your business goals?*
Do you clearly communicate your strategy to employees, customers and other stakeholders? *
Do you deliver products and/or services that consistently meet customers’ expectations?*
Are you totally satisfied with the results being created by your business as a whole?
Do you have problems with employee unity, motivation, and morale?*
Do you spend most of your day dealing with Internal conflict and “personality issues?”*
Do you have an organization that is easy to work in and work with?*
Do you establish systems for the seamless sharing of information?*
Do you find it difficult to attract and hire talented people?*
Do you have executives and managers whose performance, leadership, and interpersonal skills are simply not as effective as they could be?*
Do you quickly remove or update products/services that no longer meet customer needs?*
Do apply new technologies and methods to enhance all operating processes, not just those dedicated to developing new products and services?*
Do you encourage management to strengthen its connections with people at all levels of the company?*
Do you have a clear exit plan for when you are ready to retire or move on to a new challenge?*
Do you look to partner with new businesses that leverage existing customer relationships and complement core strengths?*
Do you have a system for identifying, screening, and closing partnerships, mergers and joint ventures?*
Have you ever felt the need to talk with someone objective, but there was no one objective enough around?*
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