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A Message From Michael T. Bauer
President and Chief Creative Officer
Innovative Business Resources, LLC

As a independent professional, I see my role as an advisor to different types and sizes of businesses, collaborating with them and helping them discover new insights for leadership development, organizational/culture development and overall business strategy.  I strongly believe that I cannot properly advise any organization on what to implement before understanding the organization's culture, history, and leadership.  My role is focused on helping my clients discover creative solutions to all of their problems, challenging them to "try on" new approaches, and ultimately my role is one of a guide during this transformational process.  

Innovative Business Resources, LLC is an organizational development firm that focuses on privately-held and public companies...with their senior executives and managers individually and with the entire organization as a whole, helping both find ways to drive their performance to the next level. My focus is to unlock the creative potential in both individual contributors and the entire organization by aligning leadership development and organizational development with business strategies.

My work with individuals involves advising the leadership team and developing key leaders and managers. I focus some of my time on derailment prevention of valued but under performing executives; job readiness situations such a new position hiring evaluations, pre-promotion evaluations, and succession planning; and finding solutions to key, but clearly threatened, relationships.

My work with the entire organization usually focuses on refining its culture to support high performance. The work involves conducting organizational studies that explore methods to manage change, build innovative teams, advance employee engagement and empowerment, and transform the organization into one that understands how to tap into the creative energy of each employee.

I've learned that people can change, but permanent change only occurs when people develop from the inside out.  This is the best way to prepare and motivate someone to accept new challenges and is based on years of research into motivation, change theory, and psychology.  Consequently, whenever I am working with an individual or organization, the best strategy I can take is to focus on the inside (that is self-awareness and self understanding) before I emphasize the outside (skill training, on-the-job development.)  

I look forward to working with you.

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