VOLUME 1: AUGUST 4, 2005

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I have to admit I wasn't completely sure how I was going to start out this first new issue.  It has been a while since I've talked with many of you and I have so many ideas that I want to send your way.   I thought that maybe I would talk about stress in the workplace, but that just led to more tension. Then I thought about doing an article about teamwork...but the timing wasn't right. 

So, what do I do...well I went and started packing.  Yes, packing my clothes for an extended trip away from my home in Menomonee Falls.  It reminded me of a recent trip I took.  It was a seven day trip into the boundary waters of Minnesota/Canada with my son and his Boy Scout troop.  It was an opportunity to spent time canoeing and camping with nine others in the middle of a remote area.  So, now you are wondering what is the article of choice...it's on leadership development but with some educational thoughts from my trip.   So read on...and enjoy my "wilderness insights."

Please note that the first two issues will be a little light in some areas...but wait until we get to issue three.  This is only the start.


Michael Bauer
President, Innovative Business Resources, LLC


Building Strong Leadership Skills

Developing the skills to be successful at work and in life takes time and lots of effort.  Our lives are so busy with family, children, friends, our hobbies...that we often don't take the time to assess our abilities.  We don't take the time to evaluate what we are good at and what we need improvement on.  We don't take time to develop a "action plan" to help us set new goals and to achieve them.  AND, we don't find a "change partner" who can encourage us, support us, and challenge us to reach new goals.  

We often say that we are too busy - and we are often times very busy - but that is just a good excuse to avoid looking at updating or skills.  It is always easier to stay in a comfort zone than it is to make changes.  We've heard the saying "move outside the box," but we never really develop a clear understanding of what that box represents.  There are many positive and beneficial skills within the comfort of the box, and yet we still need to challenge ourselves by stepping outside of the box.  So, what does the box represent for you.

When I coach executives and managers, I am looking for new ways to challenge them.  I want the candidate to take on new roles at work, try them "on," experience them, and the come back and review the results with me.  I ask them to find a "change partner" who can be an active, supportive person in helping them add new skills.  I have them develop a "blueprint" that describes the goals for the next few months.  In addition, I become the ultimate cheerleader...cheering on every success.  

New managers, veteran supervisors, and senior executives all benefit from the coaching because it challenges them to look at their beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors in a new way.  It encourages change from the inside to the outside.  That type of change lasts a long time.

This leads me to an interesting story.   I've been watching my son mature over the past two years and there is never a dull moment.  One of the ways he continues to challenge himself is through the Boy Scouts of America.  He and I recently went on a canoe trip into the Boundary Waters of Minnesota.   He had many roles during the trip such as navigator, cook, dishwasher, but most important was his role as a team member.  

There was a crew leader, assistant leader, food coordinator, and an equipment coordinator.  In addition, every day a different teen took over as navigator.  The adults were there to monitor, assist, encourage, support, and to be the ultimate cheerleaders for these young men.  In the middle of the wilderness, with compass and map, this crew of nine learn to work together, to trust one another, and to work toward a common goal.  And I was excited to see these boys (and adults) challenge themselves to find new resources within themselves.  

Take ten minutes today and start thinking about what you need to work on to be a better leader at home and at work.  Let me know how it works out.

Copyright 2005 Michael T. Bauer  All Rights Reserved

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I just finished reading a very interesting book on marketing and advertising called Monopolize Your Marketplace by Richard Hershaw, CEO of Y2 Marketing.  I've read my share of marketing books, but this one provides a very practical look at how to separate your business from your competition.  I appreciate that it wasn't focused on providing me with theoretical concepts that are great in the college classroom, but more difficult to use in the real world.  This is one of those books that gives you ideas that are different than most marketing related books.  It pushes you to consider how you educate your clients and potential clients.  It focuses on how to convert leads by educating them about what makes your services different.  It challenged my thoughts about marketing and advertising.  


While one of my goals is to keep this newsletter very concise, I also want to provide as much additional information to you about issues that impact family owned business, professional service firms, non-profits, and small businesses. In the next few weeks you will have an opportunity to receive additional information by email.   Keep your eyes open to this section to find out when information is available.  


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