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VOLUME 2.1 August 8, 2006


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"To be creative you have to contribute something different from what you've done before. Your results need not be original to the world; few results truly meet that criterion. In fact, most results are built on the work of others."
- Lynne C. Levesque, Breakthrough Creativity


A great retreat is defined as an experience that you remember long after you have returned back to the office. It provides an opportunity where people are released from the daily grind of work so they can think in new and creative ways. It allows people the time to thoroughly explore their organization's issues and develop strategies to implement changes. It provides opportunities to test out ideas and see what may or may not work.  

Ultimately, great retreats are an outstanding investment in your people - if it is tailored to your organization and is facilitated by someone that has experience working with groups.

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Why Is My Family-Owned Business Always In Conflict?  
By Michael T. Bauer, MSW

Creating, building, and sustaining a family-owned business is a fundamental American dream (92% of all US businesses are family-owned), but the odds of being successful are very troubling. Family-owned business face multiple and unique challenges, many which are never faced by the any other type of company. Not only do they face the common marketplace dynamics, but they also have to contend with family issues.   Fewer than 33% of all family-owned businesses make it to the second generation. 

The following characteristics are found in successful family-owned businesses:

1.  There must be shared vision & values regarding business strategy, relationships, work ethic, money, and success. Without this shared vision, the business will struggle to balance both worlds.

2.  There must be shared influence across generations, among spouses, and among siblings and geared to individual capabilities. Communication is extremely important.

3.  There must be valued traditions that are characteristics of the family and set it apart from other families. Traditions are often times the glue that keeps generations together and working toward similar destinations.

4.  They must be receptive to learning and growing. Family members need to be open to new perspectives, approaches, and techniques. This is a critical requirement because it prepares the family and 
business to overcome future obstacles. 

5.  They must be willing to invest in relationship building. Families that have learned how to “play” together can leverage that experience and turn it into a buffer against difficult times.

6.  They must demonstrate caring. It is important, even in business, that family members show empathy for other family members during good times and the bad times. They must always communicate the message "we care for you."

7.  There has to be earned trust and mutual admiration. The trust is built over time and is based on being consistent with what you say and what you do. It is based on accountability and integrity.

8.  Family members must be available to each other especially during difficult times such as grief. How a family copes with another family member in crisis is highly correlated with long term family harmony and business success.  Death, sudden illness and a wide range of other events will impact the family at some point.

9.  There has to be respect for privacy for both the individual and for the family unit that exists among this larger family system. Without privacy, individual, family, and business matters become public knowledge.  This will lead to future problems.

10.  Finally, they need to learn how to successfully deal with conflict. The family must learn to address the conflict with finesse. Direct conflict creates problems for the family and the business.  Conflict is manageable, if done right.  

Copyright 2006 Michael T. Bauer, MSW

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