The Key To Business Success Begins with Leadership Development

Master the BIG THREE of Leadership Development, Organizational Development, and Business Strategy and There is Simply No Way Your Business Will Fail To Grow.

To truly succeed in business it is important that you align leadership development and organizational development with your overall business strategy.  But mastery in one area does not guarantee a successful business.  Hopefully your company is the rare exception, and never gets bogged down by “people issues” like…

  • internal conflicts and "personality clashes."
  • managers and supervisors whose leadership and interpersonal skills are not as effective as they could be.
  • problems with employee motivation and morale.
  • problems with hiring and retaining employees that embrace the values you treasure.

At Innovative Business Resources, LLC we unlock the creative potential in individuals and organizations (tm).  We look for ways to help your organization develop creative leaders, build innovative teams, and ultimately transform your organization into a center of excellence.


Our Leadership Development services focus on developing the creative talents in your organization.  We will help you:

  • Develop leaders and managers who exhibit creative thinking.
  • Recruit, hire, and retain the best talent?
  • Develop strong leadership "bench strength" at all levels of the organization?
  • Build highly innovative teams that consistently exceed their goals?
  • Identify key individuals who are the next in line for key positions in the organization?

Our Organizational Development services focus on promoting, managing and sustaining an innovative organization.  We will help you:

  • Establish a "culture of choice", where your employees want to come to work?
  • Establish a innovative culture where all employees are contributing on a regular basis?
  • Assess where the organization thrives, and where are there gaps in performance?
  • Work through periods of significant change, such as mergers and acquisitions and downsizing? 

Our Business Strategy  services focus on ways to integrate solutions and transform your organization into one of excellence.  We will help you:

  • Develop a strategic plan that is understood by all employees and covers all areas of the business?
  • Brainstorm and determine what services or products to develop next.
  • Design a system that addresses lead generation, marketing, and other areas important to business growth.

We work with many types and sizes of businesses but we are especially proud of our focus with family-owned businesses, professional service firms, health care organizations and non-profit organizations.    

Our Keynote Speeches are available when you need a keynote presentation that re-ignites the passion with your life, your career, and with the organizations you work in.

Our Corporate Retreats are a great option because each one is designed around your needs.  No pre-packaged programs, but a retreat you and your team will remember long after its over.

The Creative Edge Newsletter is our free e-newsletter that delivers important leadership development information right to your email inbox.  Subscribers can attend free and fee-based teleseminars that are only announced in the newsletter.

Our Free Articles include our E-Briefs...a series of short lessons about a specific business area.

Our Resources section includes links to "Over The Edge", our blog on creativity and innovation in the workplace.

As you can see, our website is a busy place and it will always be in a state of change as we work to provide you with new ideas.  We invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know us.